Julia’s glasses make media headlines.

Game on ... Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced the election.

When Julia Gillard announced the date of the Federal Election (September 14) perhaps she thought her new rose coloured glasses might bring her good luck!  Those same glasses now have their very own Twitter Account @JulesGlasses and social media has been buzzing with commentary about her new look and sharp new wardrobe.

But of course it’s not all applause and fashionista excitement.  Most seem very cynical about this image “renovation”.

During the course of the last election, Julia Gillard famously promised to be “real” and “authentic”.  She told us there would be no more scripted lines and labor party messaging.

This very deliberate attempt to look sophisticated, chic and dare I say it smarter was a dumb move.  Instead of enhancing our opinion of our PM it’s provided yet another distraction and fodder for jokes and one liners.

In 2013 we’re a media savvy bunch.  Cynical, critical and quick to spot a fake.  I wonder how many more incarnations of Julia Gillard we might see before September 14?

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