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Media training: Being prepared for an online crisis

As mentioned before in our blogs, social media should work hand in hand with your mainstream media strategy.  So when you prepare your media crisis management plan, make sure it includes social media channels.  Organisations that are prepared with a proper plan can come out of crisis situation without damaging or losing its valued reputation. Here […]

Media Training: Surviving a tough press conference

Today, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) addressed the media about its role in the Bali Nine arrests. Although press conferences are becoming less common, there are certain occasions when they are necessary.  Times when your organisation truly has news to present, to rebut or to explain. In the case of the AFP, the Commissioner Andrew […]

Sydney storm information and updates on social media

As Sydney and other regions in New South Wales are ravaged by severe storms this afternoon, radio announcers do their best to keep listeners updated – the list of road closures and areas affected by black outs and power outages goes on and on and on.  From Picton to Cronulla, from Maitland to Woollongong – […]

Media Friendly: Overcoming a fear of public speaking

Many Executives we work with are terrified of public speaking. Whether it is addressing the press or sitting in the hot seat in a live interview, the very thought of either can send high-powered business leaders into a spin. Here are some pointers geared to help you with your next public address. 1. Eye contact […]

Media training; why social media is now mainstream

There has been a lot of commentary about Hillary Clinton’s official announcement to run for President of the United States of America in 2016. Hillary chose to release an online video, which went viral with an accompanying tweet, to let the world know her plans for the 2016 Presidential Campaign. No longer reliant on journalists, […]

Media training: always assume the mic is on!

If there’s a mic anywhere near you always assume its on!  Watch what you say both before, during and after the interview or press conference.   Fortunately for this sportsman his slip up was embarrassing (for him) and endearing (for his audience).  No damage done! http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/national-international/Nigel-Hayes-Wisconsin-Badgers-NCAA-March-Madness-297703831.html?_osource=SocialFlowTwt_NYBrand

Media manners

When Charlotte, from this year’s reality show The Block, appeared on The Today Show this morning, I don’t think she was expecting the headline to be about swearing on live Television. Increasingly we are seeing a lot more tolerance from the Producers of reality shows regarding swearing. Even if you’re a habitual “swearer” the choice of […]

Media Training: Writing a blog

Writing a blog? Here are some tips to get you started The first thing to do is to think about your audience. What do they want to read about? Are they interested in learning new things, discussing particular topics, adding their two cents? They sure do. Below are a few of my tips for creating […]

Media Training Case Study

This week we saw Al Jazeera journalist, Mr Peter Greste walk free from a seven-year jail sentence in Egypt. Mr Greste was found guilty based on evidence that he had in his possession, namely video footage, supporting the blacklisted Muslim Brotherhood but his lawyers have said there was absolutely no substance to the allegations. During his […]