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Media training: issues and crisis media management

Media training is so much more than just being “camera ready” with key messages prepared. Media training should delve deeper to ensure an organisation has recognised potential risks (commonly referred to as an issues audit) and then developed a media plan which will set out exactly what staff should do in the event of an […]

7 reasons avoiding social media hurts your brand.

Is your organisation still avoiding social media in the fear it could become another forum for complaints and further stretch your customer service team? It’s true having an organisational Facebook page, for example, will mean assigning at least one person to managing the feedback on that page. In our experience, people complain on social media when they’ve had no […]

How Facebook is making Googley eyes at you.

We’re all used to seeing targeted ads on our Facebook newsfeed. When you create a profile as a 40+ female who likes Masterchef and The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills (much classier than the O.C. bunch), it’s not a big leap to see why they’re serving you up ads about losing tummy fat.  And if […]

Everyone kicks an “own goal” sometimes.

As far as public humiliation goes, Brazilian footballer, Marcelo kicking the first goal of the first game of the 2014 Brazil World Cup – straight into his own team’s net – would have to be hard to trump. When the stakes are high and, thanks to technology, instantly visible worldwide, things can and do go […]

Sharing your life experiences is a brave way to connect with your audience.

In business we often steer away from revealing personal experiences, for fear of ‘over sharing’ in the work place.   Being “authentic” at work doesn’t always extend to what’s really going on in our personal lives. Today, Channel 9’s Georgie Gardner stepped out from her news reader role to share a very personal story about miscarriage and the ongoing […]

Media Friendly gets a make over

A BIG thanks to Alex Nikulin from reflexdigital.com.au for our new head shots!  He arrived with his “Doris Day” filter and a promise to be kind!  Stay tuned as we introduce some new members to the Media Friendly team later in the week.