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Media Training: Interview Disaster

Oh dear.  This radio interview is a classic example of all the things you shouldn’t do when you talk to a journalist. 1. Agree to an interview when you have not prepared properly.  You should be very clear about the point you would like to make – don’t ‘wing’ it. 2. Agree to an interview […]

Grammar? Spelling? Wot u talkin bout?

OMG… LOL… wats up peeps!  If you’re sick of this new language that’s taken over social media, I’ve found a video that you might relate to and even enjoy … Fix Your Grammar Take you back to your childhood and Sesame Street? Share it around – hopefully some of these very simple lessons might even […]

Geoff Huegill apology all a bit wrong …..

As we all know an apology is about so much more than the word ‘sorry’.  It’s about tone of voice.  It’s about body language.  Does the person offering the apology look and sound sorry? When Geoff Huegill faced the media pack camped outside his home recently to apologise over his arrest for alleged drug possession, […]

Great Keynote Speeches

Here are a couple of great keynote speeches you might like to watch for inspiration. Remember when you come to preparing your next speech or presentation to: 1.  Think about your audience.  Your presentation should be about ‘them’ not you. 2. Your objective.  Are you planning to educate, entertain, persuade, inspire … ? 3.  Be […]

Media Training Tips: Eliminate uums and aahhs.

Australians are champions when it comes to peppering their speech with uums and aahhs.   Younger Aussies, particularly girls have replaced uum with “like”. Others have a tendency to overuse a favourite phrase: “‘to be honest”, ‘like I said before’, ”actually” and ”ectetera” just to name a few. Old habits die hard and a few uums […]

RIP Chopper Read

Some time ago, when I was working as as a reporter on A Current Affair I was asked to interview Mark Chopper Read at his home in Tasmania.  The interview was to take place on a Sunday morning (Chopper’s choice) and we were given a generic address – from memory I think it was a […]

Mediafriendly debuts on Paul Murray Live SKY News

I made my debut last night on Paul Murray Live – broadcast nightly at 9pm on SKY News. I enjoyed some “robust” discussion with Gary Hardgrave, Jamilia Rizvi and Mitch Catlin on issues including Tony Abbott’s “sex appeal” slip, PEFO, Holden pay cuts and more. Here’s the link to the podcast. PM Live Podcast August […]

Star media performers

When it comes to media training there are loads of examples of what NOT to do. Politicians usually star in these blooper reels, followed by ill prepared business people and stupid sports stars. I’m often asked for examples where interviewees have done particularly well … Where they have confidently delivered their key messages and yet […]

Your first TV Interview: What should you do?

There is no doubt being interviewed on television can be nerve-racking.  Most of us dislike having our photo taken at the best of times!  So I understand why being interviewed on camera can be very uncomfortable.  Even more so when the interview is being recorded live in a studio. For the uninitiated there are lights, […]