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Media Training Tips: Do’s and Dont’s

There are a a few golden rules when it comes to speaking to journalists.  I’ve put together a list of simple “do’s” and “don’ts”.  Here goes: Don’t say “as I said before” or “as I was telling you earlier” or “as I explained to your producer” or make any reference to an earlier conversation. Don’t […]

Media Training tips: Body language tells its own story.

If you’ve kept up with the media over the past few months, you’ll have seen former Labor Minister, Ian MacDonald’s smiling face as he has made his way to and from ICAC.  Mr MacDonald is under investigation by the Independent Commission Against Corruption for (amongst other things) ‘gifting’ a mining licence to a former union boss. Every […]

Why the mainstream media can’t or won’t name Australian Entertainer arrested in London.

Late last week rumours were rife that an iconic Australian Entertainer now living in London had been arrested on suspician of sexual offences.  The arrest is apparently not directly related to the Jimmy Savile case but is part of Operation Yewtree which has drawn attention around the world. While the mainstream media remained conspiciously quiet about the exact identity […]

Media Training: Essendon Assistant Coach Under Media Fire

It’s hard to believe that Mark Thompson, Essendon’s Assistant Coach would volunteer to sit on a Fox Footy Panel right now without thoroughly preparing for the interview.  Afterall, journalists and sports commentators are circling the club like a school of hungry sharks, wanting answers about the alleged use of performance enhancing drugs following the Government’s investigation into […]

Media Training Tips: When is an interview really over?

You may have noticed a growing trend for the longer form news programs like Sunday Night on Channel 7 and Sixty Minutes on Channel 9 to film their guests arriving and then leaving their interview. Often the cameraman will have buttoned on so that the cameras can capture the guest arriving. At that point perhaps […]

Media Training Gold: James Magnussen with Emily Seebohm

Following Australia’s very own “Swim Gate” where a reluctant Emily Seebohm was pushed to speak out by journalists on team partying, stilnox abuse and bullying – have a look at this very awkward video posted on Youtube. Watch the body language between Emily and James. James also makes a rather unfortunate admission regarding his friendship […]

Julia’s glasses make media headlines.

When Julia Gillard announced the date of the Federal Election (September 14) perhaps she thought her new rose coloured glasses might bring her good luck!  Those same glasses now have their very own Twitter Account @JulesGlasses and social media has been buzzing with commentary about her new look and sharp new wardrobe. But of course […]

Even The Wiggles Need Media Training

Even experienced media operators like The Wiggles need media training.  Following the announcement that Sam Moran, AKA Yellow Wiggle, would be replaced by Greg Page (the original Yellow Wiggle) – the gang thought they’d make an appearance on the Today Show with Richard Wilkins.  I guess Anthony and co thought Richard would go easy. He didn’t. […]