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Public speaking and managing nerves

Many Executives we work with are terrified of public speaking. Whether it is addressing the press or sitting in the hot seat in a live interview, the very thought of either can send high-powered business leaders into a spin.  We feature a number of presentation delivery lessons geared to help you with your next public […]

Media training: be authentic and tell the truth

Media training: be authentic and tell the truth In what should have been a well-staged media conference, the Labour government failed to get it right when they chose a young man, employed by Coles, to represent those workers who will be impacted by the Fair Work Commission’s decision to slash Sunday and public holiday penalty […]

Media training and your personal brand.

Australian swimming champion Cate Campbell went into the Rio Olympics as the favourite in the 100 metres freestyle and one of our highest profile athletes. But in her own words Cate “choked”.  She lost her race and upon reflection she believes she lost a lot more than just a medal. Cate spoke to the Herald’s […]

Media Training Jennifer Lawrence

Some jokes just aren’t funny.  She maybe brilliant at delivering a scripted line but J.Law has revealed that when left to ad lib on the PR circuit her attempts at humour have ended in media training!  For many actors, sports stars and artists it can be a challenge balancing authenticity and personal brand with an organisational […]

Media Training bloopers: Mathias Cormann

Oh how a political campaign can deliver some great media moments.  Today the Gold Medal would have to go to our Finance Minister Mathias Cormann – who somehow seemed to mix up his leader the PM Malcolm Turnbull with Labor’s Bill Shorten. If you missed it here’s a clip.  I wonder…. what was he thinking? […]

How to give a great presentation

I stumbled across this Tedx presentation by Silvia Damiano from About My Brain, an Australian leadership consultancy group. Silvia combines information, humour and storytelling to create an entertaining presentation. She keeps her audience engaged by mixing up the pace and tone and giving them some insights into her own personal story. Perhaps most compelling is […]