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Media Training bloopers: Mathias Cormann

mathiasOh how a political campaign can deliver some great media moments.  Today the Gold Medal would have to go to our Finance Minister Mathias Cormann – who somehow seemed to mix up his leader the PM Malcolm Turnbull with Labor’s Bill Shorten.

If you missed it here’s a clip.  I wonder…. what was he thinking?


Media training: Malcolm Turnbull unsuccessfully tries to dodge questions about Bronwyn Bishop

malcolm turnbullOur Federal Communications Minister, Malcolm Turnbull is an experienced media operator having been interviewed by journalists hundreds of times.  Listen to his interview this morning with Michael Brissenden from ABC Radio’s AM program.  Mr Turnbull attempts to take control of the interview and dodge questions about the resignation of Bronwyn Bishop – it’s a verbal tug of war to begin with but in the end Michael Brissenden wins the battle!  Note that as soon as Mr Turnbull breaks and provides commentary on Ms Bishop there are several more questions about Ms Bishop and entitlements to come.

Malcolm Turnbull vs Michael Brissenden

Media Training: Interview Disaster

Oh dear.  This radio interview is a classic example of all the things you shouldn’t do when you talk to a journalist.

1. Agree to an interview when you have not prepared properly.  You should be very clear about the point you would like to make – don’t ‘wing’ it.

2. Agree to an interview whilst driving a car.  You need to be 100% focused on the interview.

3. Have someone in the background trying to prompt you.  In my experience this NEVER helps.

4.  Stop the interview mid way through and complain that the questions being asked were not the questions you were expecting.

5.  Hang up on the journalist.

By way of background the interview features Tom Tilley from Triple J talking to Kathy Ward from Chic Model Management about skinny models.

Triple J Hack Interview

Mediafriendly debuts on Paul Murray Live SKY News

I made my debut last night on Paul Murray Live – broadcast nightly at 9pm on SKY News.

I enjoyed some “robust” discussion with Gary Hardgrave, Jamilia Rizvi and Mitch Catlin on issues including Tony Abbott’s “sex appeal” slip, PEFO, Holden pay cuts and more.

Here’s the link to the podcast.

PM Live Podcast August 13

Mediafriendly talks to the Small Business Show

Rachel Friend from Mediafriendly talks to 2RRR’s Small Business Show about the importance of communication in business.  Follow the link to listen to the interview.

Rachel Friend from Mediafriendly talks to the Small Business Show



Podcast Rachel Friend talks sex education with Dr Melissa Kang

In this sex education podcast, produced for the NSW Department of Education and Communities www.schoolatoz.com.au, Rachel Friend talks to Dr Melissa Kang about how to talk sex with school children.

Keeping School Kids Healthy

Rachel Friend talks to Dr Martine Walker about how to keep school aged kids healthy through diet and exercise.

Boys Body Image Podcast

Rachel Friend talks to Associate Professor Michael Kohn about body image and eating disorders in boys and adolescent men.