Rachel Friend wrote and facilitated this 4 part webcast for the NSW Department of Education and Communities in 2011. www.schoolatoz.com.au is a comprehensive website designed to help parents of school aged children with information about technology, homework, wellbeing, bullying and much more.

Tips for children returning to school.

Rachel Friend facilitates this four part webcast about the top tips for returning to school.  This webcast was produced for the NSW Department of Education and Communities.  Getting Off To A Great Start is the first chapter in the series and gives parents practical tips on how to get their child back into a school routine and ready for a great year of learning.  For more information go to www.schoolatoz.com.au

Doing Well in Class

Rachel Friend facilitates this discussion on how to help your child achieve their best in the class room for the NSW Department of Education and Communities website www.schoolatoz.com.au

Social Life and Friendships

Behaviour and Development

Technology and the Internet