Just say sorry then zip it!

Following Yumi Stynes and George Negus’s ridiculous comments on Channel 10’s The Circle (if you missed them here they are on Today Tonight) the backlash from ordinary punters through social media channels has been nothing short of extraordinary. Yumi and George faced the music on The Project, but then completely ruined any chance of public forgiveness when they made a somewhat half hearted attempt to apologise to Corporal Ben Roberts Smith VC.
I’m sorry George and Yumi, but if you’re going to apologize then just say SORRY.
Not I’m sorry but what I really meant was ….
Or I’m sorry but if you read my comments you’ll see the humour.

That’s not a real apology. Even after all the complaints, I don’t think these two very experienced broadcasters feel they’ve done anything wrong.

Maybe next time Yumi and George you might think before you speak. (Ironic really when Yumi’s jibe was about Ben having to look for his brain. Think she may have lost hers.)
And if you’re forced to apologise at least look like you mean it.

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