Media Training Tips: How to recover when you stumble

Julia Gillard’s recent stumble in India made headlines around the world, but it’s also an important lesson in media training.  When you’ve got a press pack following your every move it’s difficult to cover a fall like the one she had.   Sometimes s_it happens.  It’s how you recover that really counts and like a real trooper, Julia picked herself up, dusted herself off and carried on with grace and poise.

It’s a fact of life that sometimes we’ll slip up.   In our media training courses we  try to prepare for everything but occasionally a curve ball can come out of no where.

No one likes to be caught short but it’s how you recover that can really make the difference between a moment of ‘egg on face’ and a completely disastrous interview.

Just as Julia Gillard demonstrated – regaining your composure, remaining calm and even demonstrating some good humor will all help get the media opportunity back on track.



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