Media Training Tips: Slow Down!

Media Training tips and hints.

Whether its print, radio or television it’s incredibly important to slow your delivery down.  Not only will this help the journalist and his/her audience keep up with you and process what you are saying, it’s also helpful because;

* many print journos still use note taking and shorthand to record interviews.  If you speak too quickly you’ll make it harder for them to keep really accurate notes.

* radio and television journalists might want to shorten your answers by editing your responses. It can be very difficult to find edit points when people speak very quickly.  In my experience these “fast talkers” don’t just speak quickly, they also forget to pause.

If you have a tendency to speak very quickly, particularly when you get nervous try to remember to breathe!  Taking a breath will force you to pause.  And don’t be frightened to make your point and then stop.   Journalists leave those awkward, pregnant pauses for a reason….. It’s a strategic ploy to get you to say more than you would like.  Make your point.  Stop.




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