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Media training. What journalists want.

Not all journalists are confrontational, sensationalist, scaremongers! They don’t all tap our mobile phones, re edit video, quote from mystery “insiders” or make up fanciful stories! Most are honest, hard working people who are looking for breaking news or stories about interesting things, told by interesting people. There is a time and a place for […]

Executive coaching. How to really listen.

Listening’s such a simple skill.  It’s easy right?  By definition to listen means “to make an effort to hear something”. My own listening skills were recently put to the test during a course I attended at Sydney University in Executive Coaching.   The course facilitator suggested that there are four levels of listening: cosmetic, conversational, active and deep listening. I’d argue […]

Presentation skills and tips.

If you have trouble with public speaking rest assured you’re not alone.  Incredibly we rate public speaking as our number one fear ahead of flying, spiders and heights!  Here are the top 4 mistakes we see at our workshops: Powerpoint slides crammed with text and detailed graphics.  You know that old saying “A picture tells a thousand words?”  Powerpoint is […]

Rachel is an experienced host and corporate facilitator

We have more than 20 years experience hosting and producing stories, interviews and content for commercial television, for websites and online content.  We can help you hone your on-camera presentation skills, assist you with writing a script or present it for you!

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