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Here’s a blog I was sent that has some great hints and tips on using PowerPoint effectively and efficiently. I’ve given you a tease and then provided the link to the entire article…………..

Think you know PowerPoint? Think again. There are so many different tips and tricks for using PowerPoint to give presentations, there’s just no way you know them all. That’s why we’ve gathered more than 70 different PowerPoint tips from the people who know it best: Microsoft, professional speakers, and geeks who make PowerPoint their business. Check out our list to find out how you can step up your PowerPoint game.

1. Learn PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard shortcuts, like Shift+F5 to start a slide show, can help you save time and look more slick when delivering your presentation.

2. Use compelling graphics:

Instead of blocks of text, make a point to create graphics like charts that can grab your viewers’ attention.

3. But don’t overdo it on images:

Although images are great for interest and engagement, too many images can be distracting. Use images when they add important information or support your point.

4. Display information clearly:

Think design, not decoration. Make sure that you’re sharing complex information in a clear way.

5. Create a textured background:

By layering transparent images, you can create effects, including textured backgrounds.
For the entire article go to: http://www.onlinemba.com/blog/71-compelling-surprising-powerpoint-tips-from-the-pros/

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