Presentation tips: Controlling nerves

If you feel overwhelmed by butterflies before getting up to speak in public you’re not alone.  Surveys have shown that we’re more frightened of public speaking than we are of spiders, snakes and flying!

It’s taken me a long time to learn this but nerves are good. Nerves should give us comfort.  They mean that we are on our game.  A little bit of adrenalin means we can react faster.  We can think on our feet.

Ironically I now get nervous when I’m not nervous!  Complacency can be the devil when you are in the business of performing.  It will often mean that I will have forgotten an important piece of equipment or heaven forbid, that I’ve failed to prepare properly.

So the next time you feel a rush of nerves before a pitch, presentation or speech feel grateful.  Take comfort from those nerves and acknowledge them for what they really are.  A boost of energy that will help you focus, concentrate and perform at your best.

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