Sydney storm information and updates on social media

Bird’s eye view ... Aleks Strikis (right) and a mate stand on a downed tree in Waverley.

As Sydney and other regions in New South Wales are ravaged by severe storms this afternoon, radio announcers do their best to keep listeners updated – the list of road closures and areas affected by black outs and power outages goes on and on and on.  From Picton to Cronulla, from Maitland to Woollongong – everywhere and nearly everyone has been impacted in some way.

The SES and power companies are calling for residents to report fallen trees, blackouts and other incidents via social media.  They simply do not have enough telephone operators to keep up with the number of calls.  They are urging anyone with power to use the internet and platforms including Twitter and Facebook to get the most up to date information.

Social media is such a powerful tool at times like this because its so immediate and so accessible.  It enables us to stay connected from almost anywhere.

We are long past these platforms being gimicks or just ”social”.   Social media is mainstream and its here to stay.


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