Media training with Mediafriendly. What makes us different?

Senior media trainers Rachel Friend and Judy Goldman have worked across print, radio and television extensively.  They continue to freelance as producers and journalists to ensure their contacts are current and that they are up to date on what journalists are looking for.

Rachel also has the invaluable experience of acting as a corporate spokesperson for companies including Olay, Dettol, Canon and Stayz.   She can speak from first-hand experience about how to develop and then deliver key messages that will stick.

Mediafriendly is different from other training agencies because our focus is not on preparing for the worst case scenario at every turn.  Of course we will challenge you and ask you the tough questions if that’s appropriate.  We will research your business and industry to ensure we understand the issues and questions you are likely to be asked.  But we will also spend time developing your skills as story tellers.  Depending upon the opportunity, most journalists are looking for great stories.  They want new information or expert comment to help them fill their column space, radio program or television report.

At Mediafriendly, we will help you prepare for interviews so that your story is published and doesn’t end up on ‘the cutting room floor’.

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