Why reading aloud to your children will make you a better public speaker.

We all know the benefits of reading to our children.  Educators repeatedly tell us it’s one of the
most important things we can do to improve literacy.

But just in case you needed another incentive to curl up with your child and read you’ll be pleased to know that while you’re reading, you are also improving your public speaking skills.

Reading out loud, with lots of expression, emphasis and  intonation is a vital part of story-telling.  We do it naturally for  our kids but we tend to leave those skills at home when we stand up to deliver
a presentation.

So the next time you get up to speak in a public setting think about how you would deliver your speech to a child.  Slow down.
Pause after you make an important point.
Emphasise your key messages. Inject some energy and enthusiasm into your delivery.

My six year old is a tough critic.  She’ll tell me she’s bored and she’ll ask for more expression.  Adults may not be as blunt but they’ll switch off just as quickly.


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